Friendship Center Church Welcomes All

Ray and Irene Horn

When we became Robson Ranch residents six years ago, we were looking for a church home that we could embrace. When we heard that Ron Hunt, whom Ray played softball with, mention that he was starting a new inter-denominational church with the concept of loving God, loving everyone, everywhere, we felt we should explore Friendship Center.

We decided to attend one of the first services of Friendship Center Church and felt really at home with the structure of the service, message given by Ron, the music presented by his wife, Lisa, the fact that there is communion every Sunday, and the overall friendly atmosphere.

We enjoy Pastor Ron’s Children of God sermons. The congregation is asked relevant questions about our thoughts and experiences as it pertains to the scripture for that service. We find this to be very enlightening, thought-provoking, and even humorous at times.

Irene grew up in a farming community in North Dakota and attended a small country Lutheran Church. Ron studied with several Lutheran schools/pastors, and often has fun stories to share, which brings back fond memories for Irene.

Friendship Center Church has become involved in the community by offering monthly suggestions for charitable giving. The church also sponsors and coordinates the 100+ charitable events. All monies pledged go to local charities.

We are snowbirds and travel back to our home in Washington state in April. Friendship Center services are transmitted on Zoom and in person, so we are able to join in on Zoom from the comfort of our home.

We look forward to the church’s continued expansion in the Robson Community by loving God, loving everyone, everywhere.

We welcome visitors to join us Sundays at 9 a.m. in the Laredo Room of the Ranch House.