‘Forever Young’ Spring Concert: March 21 and 22

Marsha Oliver

The Robson Ranch Singers’ Spring Concert is coming up March 21 and 22 in the Hermosa Ballroom.

Our theme for the concert is “Forever Young” and includes thought-provoking, fun, and humorous insight into the aging process—things we can all relate to!

Our director, Laurie Laramie, and associate director, Beth Forbes, selected some great music, and we’ve been practicing twice a week since Jan. 9. We’re having such fun learning songs we’ve known and loved since we were young(er).

The beauty of living here at Robson Ranch is being among new friends who may have grown up all across the U.S. and Canada, but have so many shared memories. Now we share the experience of “maturing.” The songs we grew up with take on new meaning, and we appreciate them all over again. Our perspective has changed, but not our love for the music.

So please mark your calendar for March 21 and 22 to join us—we promise “Forever Young” will leave you feeling forever young at heart!