Fine Art Guild has a new home

Studio 2 of the Creative Arts Center and its showcase are well decorated with paintings of Fine Arts Guild members. These are just a few. Please visit us to see the rest.

The Fine Art Guild’s move was the last of the dominos to fall with the move to our own room at the Creative Art Center. It is so nice to have a clean room to ourselves with lockers and extended hours for artistic activity. Our newly appointed librarian, Kathy Arend, whose mother was a librarian, spent many happy days reading in the library in her youth. She also taught art for 30 plus years. Combining her love of reading and art, she has categorized our library resources plus set up a “Cabinet for the Curious.” In the “Cabinet for the Curious,” Kathy will frequently exchange various resource books or magazines from our library with a short quiz or activity to get more of our artists acquainted with what our library has to offer. These various quizzes or activities will hopefully make the artist look deeper into an art piece for all the elements of art and also give them inspiration for their art.

With our expanded schedule, the Fine Arts Guild will be able to have more than one class per month. In fact, there are eleven classes on the schedule from January to April which cover drawing, journaling, colored pencil and painting or pouring in watercolor and acrylic, plus a few short talks with an activity on brushes, acrylic medium and different strokes for different folks. For more information about classes contact our Education Director, Nancy Friedman.

The extended hours at the time of this writing are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. with an occasional Saturday. Please check the schedule on the door of Studio 4 for times and dates which may have changed since the writing of this article.

For more information about the Fine Arts Club contact any of our new 2019 officers: co-Presidents, Janet Buckingham or Bob Smith; Treasurer, Nils Johnson; co-Secretaries Kathy Arend or Jillian Moon or Member at Large, Dorothy Beasley.