Donna Duran Is Pottery/Ceramics Club Featured Artist for August

Featured artist Donna Duran

Featured artist Donna Duran

Carol Breen, Pottery/Ceramics Club Reporter

Donna, along with her husband Jim, moved to Robson Ranch from Colorado in 2014. Donna was very involved with dancing in Colorado as a certified Zumba instructor, and also as a competitive country dancer. Once Donna was settled in her new home, she wasted no time finding an opportunity to utilize her Zumba teaching skills here at Robson.

While dancing is Donna’s first activity choice, she also is an active pickleball player.

Donna is a woman of many talents—which is evident in all her pottery projects. One can’t help but smile when viewing her creations. All of her creations are hand-painted with a variety of colors and a tremendous amount of patience! Willing to share her many pottery talents, Donna is also one of the Pottery Club monitors.