Deadline to sign up for Marathon Bridge is Oct. 27

Sign up now for the November to April Marathon Bridge; the deadline is October 27. For interested new players: You will be given a schedule of which couple you will be playing at your home or theirs. This isn’t dinner bridge; the host couple usually has snacks at the table and a light dessert during or after play. There is a two-week window to complete each game, but the dates are flexible between each set of couples. There will be 11 two-week periods, and the last game needs to be played and all scores turned in by mid-April. It is LOTS of fun! The cost is $5 per person, $10 per couple. The prize money will be awarded at a potluck at the end of the season. Please sign-up ASAP so the schedule can be made and play started the first two weeks of November. If you return to Robson after that date you may sign up, but it is your responsibility, whether you are hostess or guest, to schedule any postponed games as soon as possible. Call or email Terry or Dard Price to get more info and sign up: [email protected]; Terry at 360-961-4277 or Dard at 360-961-9275.