Dance Club Taking a Break … but We’ll Be Back!

Cherie Bates, Publications Secretary

Hello Dancers! ‘Tis the dancing and party season … alas the Grinch has stolen the dance floor but not our joy of dancing! The Robson Ranch Dance Club (RRDC) board met on Dec. 2 to discuss future dancing and decided that the best route to getting back in the Hermosa Ballroom is to meet with HOA General Manager Mike Taylor to get some guidance and direction, given the lockdown is up, down, and all around depending on which group or activity is involved. Social dancing involves close contact and there is always some sort of close contact between all people on the dance floor whether dancing together or alone, passing one another, bumping into each other, or, well, you get the idea. It’s just not a good idea at this time to try to social dance at Robson Ranch. We are hoping to hop into spring with a Bunny Hop in April. Keep the good thoughts going!

The RRDC Board also discussed elections, which were to occur in October according to the RRDC bylaws. After discussion and contemplation, the Board moved to delay elections until a date in 2021 when there are more members available to solicit as potential officers and to then vote.

Dues are normally $20 per year beginning in October. However, the Board passed a motion to not request membership dues for the 2020-21 dance year as a result of the uncertainty of dancing in the near future.

Watch for an e-letter from Christa Quackenbush regarding websites with virtual dance lessons and dancing. These can be attended with and without a partner and are a great way to keep your dance muscles flexible and skills honed. We send you all our best wishes for a wonderful 2021. It will get better and we will dance again!