Community Reminders

Nicole McCracken, Administrative Assistant


While Robson Ranch is a gated community, the Eloy Police Dept. does have the authority to issue traffic tickets. This is a gentle reminder to all that vehicles, bicyclists, and golf cart drivers are to adhere to all traffic related signs and to please come to a complete stop at all stop signs. The posted speed limit on Robson Blvd is 35 mph and 25 mph around the loop (Robson Blvd, Harris Hawk, Cherry Oaks, and Anasazi).

Please make a complete stop at stop signs and be on the lookout for bicycles and residents walking before proceeding.

If you see someone speeding or not adhering to the traffic signs, please call the office at 520-426-3345 with as much information as you can, including a description of the vehicle and license plate information if possible. We do have a full database with who the owner is of each registered car. These safe driving rules apply to all vehicles, auto, motorcycles, bicyclists, golf carts, and pedestrian traffic. This topic is also discussed with all of our employees as we take safety matters very seriously.

Safe Walking/Bicycling Tips:

As the temperatures cool, we have many residents who enjoy walking or riding a bicycle around the community. Walkers should walk facing traffic, while bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic. Please be cautious to walk/ride single file when you are not separated from the road. While it may be enjoyable to walk/ride two to three abreast chatting, drivers don’t expect it and may not see you. It is always important to be visible and wear bright colored clothing or reflective gear. Don’t forget to also keep pets on short leashes while walking/riding to avoid the animal heading into traffic or tripping others out exercising. Lastly, please know when to stop walking. Heat sickness and dehydration can strike any age individual, and even in the cooler weather. It is important to carry your ID and a cell phone in case of an emergency.