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Come and visit the newly organized library!

New shelving in the library

New shelving in the library

Dear Robson Residents,

I hope each of you will take a few moments to visit the newly organized library in the Sports Club. It is now known as the Library/Computer Room.

Robson Ranch has filled the room with three walls of new bookshelves. Hardback and paperback books are now co-mingled. Fiction books fill two of the three walls and are shelved alphabetically by author. The non-fiction books are located on the remaining wall and are shelved by category.

The categories are Biography, Cooking, Finance, Health, History, History-WWII, Humor, Movies, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Sports, Travel and Miscellaneous.

The categories are quite broad and exist only to help you find books by subject. The library rules are few. You are welcome to take any book you wish to read. Your only obligation is to return the book when you have finished. When you return the book, please place it in the labeled bin located on the floor adjacent to the bookshelves.

All of the books in the library are donated. Donations are welcome because this is the only way the library can grow and remain current. If you do donate, please leave the container of books in or near the bin marked donations. Please do not leave donated books on the tables. If you need help transporting the books you may email me at [email protected].

Please be aware that because of the compact space we don’t keep duplicate books. If I have your name I will contact you to see if you wish to retrieve a duplicate copy. Otherwise it will be donated to charity.

I will be happy to receive any suggestions concerning the library.

Happy Reading!

Nancy Watt