Come See the Needle Crafters at the Craft Fair!

Diana Oleson

Among the various items the Needle Crafters will be selling at the March 11 craft fair will be pet accessories, so bring your pet’s measurements with you to ensure a proper fit. There will be floppy hats, scarfs, ruffle collars, and more. Here are instructions to properly measure your pet. Your pet will be the envy of the other pets at the dog park!

Four Tips for Measuring Your Pet

1. Choose a calm, quiet environment. This will help you avoid distractions, keeping your pet calm and relaxed.

2. Your pet must be standing when you are measuring pet height. If your pet is sitting or lying down, your measurement will not be accurate. Get a helping hand to keep your pet standing if needed.

3. If your pet is fidgety and won’t stand for you, then try to use an incentive like food to keep him still. Have someone hold a treat in front of him, such as dog-safe peanut butter.

4. Measure twice to ensure accuracy.

When you visit the Needle Crafters at the craft fair and you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know and we can see about making a special order for you.

For those of you who missed the Open House and would like to see what our club is all about, please join us on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon at Creative Arts Center (CAC) studio IV.