Come and join the Robson R/C Flyers!

Paul Downey

This will most likely be the last issue of the View before the snowbirds start to return. For those of us that have made it through another summer, it has been a little warm. This has not stopped the diehard few that have enjoyed the wide open air available to us at Robson Ranch for flying our R/C airplanes. With the few very windy days that we have had here at the Ranch, there have been some of us out flying just about every day in the early mornings.

We have had some new people come by the flying field to visit and see what we do. A couple of them have indicated they will be joining us in our hobby.

The only things you need to get into this great, get-out-of-the-house hobby, is a plane and the desire. There are many of us that will help you decide on what first plane you need to buy and then help you become a confident pilot.

If you are considering joining us, please do not buy an F-16 jet that is capable of speeds over 100 mph and is aerobatic and then bring it out expecting to fly it. In that case you will have to be content either watching one of the accomplished pilots fly it or get many lessons on how to make repairs. Even the accomplished flyers have to know how to do repairs on occasion.

There are now more than ever several planes that are great for the beginner but will take you on to learning many of the advanced maneuvers. We have a couple of former A.M.A. instructors in the club and will be glad to assist you in the learning process.

Among the many things that the Robson R/C Flyers has to offer is that we are close to home. We are a group of neighborhood guys interested in having fun and meeting new people with a common interest. There are no club dues or assessments, and you don’t have to join the A.M.A. to enjoy the flying here at the Ranch. As our field is here in the Ranch you can get here by bicycle, golf cart or car.

The Robson Ranch club should not be confused with the Casa Grande club, which is off Trekell south of I-8 across from the shooting range on a dirt road.

Starting in September we will have our monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of the month. If you or a friend are interested in doing this or would like information about the club, please contact us or join us at the field in the cool of the morning anytime. Call Eddie Peril at 520-374-2599 or Paul Downey at 520-876-9507.