College Days

Nancy Friedman

Do you remember those good old days of frat parties and all-nighters? We have the parties here at Robson, but we are missing the ambience of a classroom and the all-nighters. Have you ever thought, “Boy, I wish I knew another language, how to play an instrument, or take an art class?” It’s not too late. Central Arizona College (CAC) is now registering students for the spring semester. Check out available classes on line at: I will be taking Painting 1 this spring with Professor Susan Ramos who will be retiring in May. I have taken two classes from her. She is an excellent teacher who teaches you the basics and builds on them.

If you are concerned about being one of the oldest in class, don’t worry. Remember, you can audit the class, but those young students have to get a grade. You will get a young person’s perspective on life, and sometimes they learn a little history from you, too. For instance, what is the history of comments like, “He drank the Kool-Aid” or what a “Ten” is. If you are still worried about being the oldest in the class, try the Lifelong Learning classes available through CAC. They are usually for one night a week and for shorter periods of time.

Finally, if you really aren’t interested in any classes, you might look into the entertainment provided to our area by CAC. They have a beautiful new venue called the Pence Center. Again, browse the above website for available entertainment.

Think young. Think forever learning. Prove old dogs can learn new tricks!