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Coco Wins the U.S. Open—Tennis Club Celebrates

Paul Gayer

On Sept. 9, the Tennis Club celebrated the women’s finals for the U.S. Open as American Coco Gauff played against Aryna Sabalenka.

To start the day, we played a mixed doubles social round-robin format beginning at 8 a.m. Since there was an odd number of players, each had a bye, which was a welcomed relief due to the fast approaching high temperatures!

At 12:30 p.m. everyone gathered together at the home of Paul and Linda to share food, drinks, and conversation as we watched the women’s final match. Thanks to Barb and Tom Sewell, we got to taste an authentic New York City U.S. Open drink, Honey Deuce. At the end of the match, Coco lifted the trophy as this year’s women’s finals champion.

Some members of the Tennis Club participated in a Women’s U.S. Open draw (similar to the NCAA basketball draw), predicting the winners in each of the five rounds. Prizes were given out to the first and second-place winners. For the women, Linda Gayer correctly guessed the most with Nancy Mize coming in second; for the men, it was Gary See and John Birchmeier.

If you’re interested in playing tennis, please contact Larry Haisting at [email protected]. He will get you connected with other players, the schedule, and the ball machine procedures.