Chef’s demonstration  enjoyed by Ladies Social Club

Co Chair Louise Kant and Banquet Chef Andrew Dickey

Co Chair Louise Kant and Banquet Chef Andrew Dickey

Chicken Cordon Bleu for your next dinner party? No problem! Banquet Chef Andrew Dickey’s demo made it at least look easy. The results were certainly delicious. For dessert he prepared “cake in a cup,” a microwave wonder. Add a little chocolate sauce or whipped cream and you have a very quick and delicious dessert. Needless to say the Chef’s Demo was enjoyed by all.

The May luncheon on May 11 is dedicated to honoring book scholarship program recipients. The book scholarship selection committee had 10 applications and found it difficult to narrow the field. In fact, it determined to select four recipients rather than the usual three recipients. As you may know the money for the latest group of recipients was raised at the successful La Fiesta event held last November and chaired by Mary Lynn Morin.

The book scholarship program provides the extra help some Santa Cruz Valley Union High School graduates need to attend college. Many receive academic scholarships but don’t have the funds necessary to buy the college books. Each $1,000 award from the Ladies Social Club is sent to the bookstore at the college where each recipient is enrolled. The names of the recipients will be announced in an upcoming article.

The upcoming luncheon on June 8 will complete the spring season for the Ladies Social Club. Lunch and program is $17. As a regular part of each luncheon, raffle tickets may be purchased ($1 each or seven for $5) to support our annual charity choices. The spring season has benefited the Valley Humane Society. The fall season, starting in September, will benefit a local pediatric clinic for indigent patients.

New attendees, please look for our Ambassador of the Year, Carole Crain. For more information, contact the 2016 co-chairs: Geri Nagy at 520-423-2058 or Louise Kant at 989-860-1109.