Ceramics and Pottery Christmas in July

Doris Betuel

The Ceramics and Pottery Club was humming this summer! In addition to the popular lidded box and birdhouse classes, our members were also treated to a special class to make items for Christmas! Our members happily worked on their creations, including beautiful Nativity scenes and holiday ornaments, that were crafted in the hot, hot summer months in the spacious and air-conditioned studio.

Our club is made up of a diverse group of members, from experienced potters to beginning crafters. All interested artists are welcome to join us! Working with clay is fun and challenging, and you can make functional items, such as dishes, trays, and garden stakes to the more creative, such as animals, wall art, and more! Our monthly schedule is posted by the front entrance. Come swing by our studio to check us out or gaze at the beautiful creations crafted by our members in our showcase. If you are interested in getting started, please email Maryann Bechtel at [email protected] to sign up for an orientation class. We would love to show you how fun it is to work with clay!