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Celebrating a Year of Healing and Help

Milo, a recent beneficiary of Friends of Pinal, is ready for adoption after weeks of recovery. Brought to the Pinal County Animal Care after a severe attack by another dog, the shelter’s staff knew this young dog was strong-willed to survive and deserved a chance at life. Now this people-loving dog is ready to be someone’s forever companion. (Photo by Pinal County Animal Care & Control)

Joy Wegner

As Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues (Friends of Pinal) celebrates the beginning of year number five, the group looks back at the amazing help the nonprofit has provided to many animals at our county’s animal shelter.

From generous donors, small and large, far and near, Friends of Pinal managed more than $64,000 in contributions in 2023. With a primary focus on supporting medical care that goes beyond the Pinal County Animal Shelter’s budget, 54% of funds covered emergency and other vet services, as well as expenses for lab work.

This year’s “hall of healing” includes Faline, thrown from a moving car and fracturing her pelvis and femur in multiple places. After two surgeries and 18 months of treatment, Faline fully recovered and has been adopted! Tiny Sir arrived at the shelter at just 6 pounds, emaciated and suffering from valley fever. The staff at Benarda Veterinary Hospital provided round-the-clock care for this tiny dog. He completed his final surgery in December 2023 and has been adopted!

Friends of Pinal seeks to support expenses that look at the health, safety, and adoptability of dogs and cats that unfortunately spend a portion of their lives at Pinal County Animal Shelter. In addition to vet bills, medications, and lab services, the nonprofit partners with local rescue groups that provide transitionary care to animals. Ten percent of this year’s expenses helped these partners.

And, 28% of funding in 2023 covered equipment, including the installation of a new large-capacity washing machine, so desperately needed at the Pinal County Animal Care & Control (PCACC) to keep blankets and towels available for the kennels. A partnership with ensures that each and every shelter dog wears a martingale collar. Friends of Pinal purchased repair supplies for dog beds, built and maintained by volunteers from Robson communities.

Mera Laureys, founder and director of Friends of Pinal, is looking forward to 2024 to bring fresh new opportunities that will link the SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch, and Robson Ranch communities to the needs of the shelter, located 10 miles east of Casa Grande.

It’s easy to access on the internet and contribute directly to the medical needs of shelter dogs and cats. Also, find information about contributing items from the shelter’s wish lists, found on or

If there has ever been a time when fosters are needed, it’s now! In addition to being severely overcrowded with animals, the shelter is handling an extensive remodel of the facilities at the same time! To find a good fit between you and a dog, email [email protected]. They will gladly suggest an appropriate dog or cat to foster for the time and the home situation you have.

Many volunteer opportunities can be found! Just email the PCACC shelter at [email protected], or call 520-509-3555 to find out how you might help.

Because … these animals are counting on us!