Casa Grande RC Flyers on summer schedule

Club members discussing the new model aviation regulations from the FAA

Club members discussing the new model aviation regulations from the FAA

Alan Friedman

With April comes the warmer weather and the return of the winter visitors to their home locations. April also marks the start of the Casa Grande RC Flyers summer flying schedule, which will continue until next November. The club members can fly and use the field any day they desire; however, those looking for the company of fellow flyers tend to fly on Saturday mornings over the summer months. In April flying might start about 8:00 a.m. but as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, flying starts about an hour after sunrise and usually finishes one or two hours later depending upon the heat. The pilots fly all kinds of model aircraft including helicopters, sailplanes, jets, biplanes and regular fixed wing models, and they enjoy answering questions and visiting with guests. Both gas and electric aircraft are allowed at the field. The only restriction is the aircraft weight must not exceed 10 pounds.

Robson Ranch residents attending the club events are always welcome. Many of the club members reside within Robson Ranch. Visitors who are early risers should watch the flying on most Saturday mornings in the summer. Flying is weather dependent. Strong winds are a pilot’s enemy so don’t expect to find anyone on very windy days. At the airfield you will find benches as well as free parking and toilet facilities. The Casa Grande RC Flyers and their flying field should not be confused with the field and club located within Robson Ranch. Some residents reported going to the Robson field in error when trying to attend Casa Grande RC Flyers events. Directions to the Casa Grande RC Flyers field are found on the club website at The road to the airfield should be paved sometime over the summer so the ride will be smoother. The paving is a joint project of both the City of Casa Grande and Pinal County and will be completed sometime after July.

With a current membership of 142 pilots, the Casa Grande RC Flyers has a combined total of over seven centuries of experience in the flying and building of model aircraft. The members are more than willing to share their knowledge with new members entering the hobby.

Membership in the Casa Grande RC Flyers is open to anyone wanting to fly or learn to fly radio controlled aircraft regardless of their residence. Free lessons are offered by any of eight AMA certified instructors who provide excellent training using the club’s trainer aircraft or flight simulator. Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is required because the AMA membership provides the pilot with the required insurance coverage. Details about both the AMA and the Casa Grande RC Flyers as well as a list of all the club activities are on the club website: or can be obtained by contacting Alan Friedman, the club president and AMA Associate Vice President, at his Robson Ranch residence.