Cards for Troops


Pam Costner

On Sunday, February 11, some of the Papercrafters got together to create cards to be put into care packages that are sent to the Troops. The Papercrafters sent over 400 handmade cards that include sentiments such as: Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Just Because, Happy Anniversary, along with some cards with no sentiment. These cards will be sent to the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Organization. The FSO is a non-profit organization that ships care packages with donated items and letters to United States military active men and women serving overseas. Some of the items included in the care packages are toiletries, food items, pens/pencils, playing cards, puzzle books, socks and insect repellant. The Troops will be able to use these handmade cards to send back to their loved ones. The Papercrafters contacted a local school and students wrote letters of gratitude for the Soldiers; these were included with the handmade cards. Since so many cards were made, another 50 cards were given to the Veterans Center in Casa Grande and 50 cards were given to the Veterans Center in Eloy. The Club hopes to keep the baskets in Casa Grande and Eloy full, so the veterans will have resource to get a card at no cost. If you are interested in joining the Papercrafting Club, send Pam Costner an email at [email protected] for more information.