Can’t Stop the Music

Class instructors: CJ Azaria and Kathy Devlin teach on the patio

Class instructors: CJ Azaria and Kathy Devlin teach on the patio

Linda Gayer

COVID-19 hit, and our world changed, didn’t it? The months of quarantine were followed by further restrictions. Robson Ranch Sports Club closed, the fitness center was by reservation only, the pool had a limit on how many could use it, and classes were canceled/restricted by the number of participants. Line dancing was no different.

This summer, the classes were held on Posse Road off Cherry Oaks two evenings a week. We were literally “dancing in the streets,” as Martha and the Vandellas told us to do in 1964. As the temperature climbed to 100 degrees plus, we moved inside garages and then eventually, the ballroom. Of course, strict class-size limits and social distancing were put in place, but we learned that “you can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music” (as the Village People sang in 1980).

As of November, line dancing is facing another challenge—masks. Classes are now being taught outside the ballroom on the patio until temperatures get too cold to tolerate, or COVID restrictions are lifted.

There is good news though. A fourth class has been added to the line-up of line dance classes—Absolute Beginners! As of this writing, there is a wait-list for the next class that’ll be offered. So get your name on this list to receive all the information you will need to join the next Absolute Beginner class.

Email CJ at [email protected] to get more information as well as all the latest news on line dancing. Once you start a line dancing class, remember that “the beat is gonna getcha!”