Book Club Meets the Author

Author Susanne Perry and hostess Betsy Piatt

Author Susanne Perry and hostess Betsy Piatt

What happens when a book club reads a book and the author of that book actually attends the discussion? Amazing things, that’s what! For the April book, Betsy choose the book, Runaway, by Robson Ranch author Susanne Perry, and Susanne graciously accepted the invitation to attend the discussion.

Tapping into her experience working with homeless families and consulting on child development, Susanne’s book opens with the words, “The girl was dead, that was a sure bet.” You’re instantly taken into the mysterious world of The Avalon Street Center for the homeless who seek work, housing, and help with the assistance of kind, caring staff members. Because of the death of this young girl, you can add detectives to the scene as the plot twists and turns.

Fortunately for readers, this first book turned into a trilogy called City Streets Trilogy. The second book, Veteran, teams the detectives Jordan and Connors with one of the homeless, Ty, a Gulf War veteran, who is accused of a vicious crime. In the third book, Gutter Punk, detective Jordan seeks to find someone who is missing among street kids, known as gutter punks.

Of course, Susanne didn’t stop there! She is currently writing Swan Song, which is coming in fall 2022. As a thank you to Reading Between the Wines book club, she had each of our names in a drawing to have a character in this book named for one of us! You’re going to have to read the book to find out whose name among us was chosen! Many thanks to Susanne for sharing her ideas about writing and how each story evolves. You can get her books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AppleBooks, and Kobo; or go to her website at or Facebook page Books by Susanne Perry.