Bible Study at Robson: The Christmas Story

Matthew and Luke are the two books in the Bible that tell Jesus’ birth story. Angels, heaven, earth, and very humble people meet. Matthew tells the story from Joseph’s experience. Luke tells the story from Mary’s experience. Each story yields varied, yet consistent, insights into the nature of this child, and the nature of God.

The Bible study follows the amazing historical, cultural context to the story. The more you know about the day’s laws and customs, the more astounding this birth is. The world is no longer the same after this great event in history.

The story is of very ordinary people called to the most extraordinary event.

The story is really about the details here. How is God to be understood differently, as a result of this one child’s birth?

You and all are invited to join this unique all-Robson Bible study.

Time: 10:15 a.m. every Sunday

Location: Ranch House, Laredo/Cheyenne Room.

Dec. 5: Jesus’ Father’s Story (Matthew 1)

Dec. 12: Jesus’ Mother’s Story (Luke 1)

Dec. 19: The Baby Jesus’ First Visitors (Matthew 2, Luke 2)