Artist of the Month: Desiree Conwell

Desiree Conwell

Desiree Conwell

Deborah Douglass

Desiree moved to Robson Ranch in June 2020 from Matteson, IL. She was tired of the snow in Illinois and moved here to enjoy the warmer environment.

Desiree saw an advertisement for Robson Ranch in a retirement magazine. She liked what she saw and all the activities offered. She visited both PebbleCreek and Robson Ranch, and chose to move to Robson Ranch.

Making friends in the beginning was tough because all the activities were closed due to COVID-19. She waited until after her second COVID-19 vaccine and then jumped into some of the activities offered. The first place she started with was the Art Guild. She had never painted before, but found she liked it. Desiree attended as many classes as possible to expand her knowledge and skills. She likes both watercolor and acrylic painting.

Desiree has also become a member of the Stained Glass Club and the Woodworking Club. She likes the diversity of skills needed to create the end products of the different clubs.

Desiree’s advice to herself and others is, “Just try it. If a painting does not turn out as expected, try again or change the subject. It’s just paint and paper, if you do not like it, then change it or throw it away and start over. And there is the benefit of all the nice people you meet from all over the country!”