Artie’s Army

Robson Ranch Softball Club

“I want to be like Artie when I grow up!” That is a familiar phrase to those who know, love, and cherish our most beloved softball player.

Several months ago, Artie Wachter was asked to play in the Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) Senior Softball 90’s game in Las Vegas this past September. This would be such an honor to play amongst his peers. Of course, Artie jumped at the opportunity with tremendous encouragement from his lovely bride Dixie.

On Sept. 18, 2023, the premier 90’s+ softball game was held at Big League Dreams in Las Vegas. It was East vs. West with 17 players on the East and 19 players on the West. Both teams had players ranging from 87-94. It was a packed house watching the game. And the score was … you know what? It just does not matter—although the East did prevail—the priceless score was witnessing men enjoying the time of their lives with their fellow ageless wonders. Some of them could still power the ball into the outfield; some made incredible catches for outs; and some, like our very own Artie, made a thrilling double play while playing second base. Yes, folks, one for the history books.

Artie said he felt a little embarrassed running out to play second base when there was an enormous loud cheer from the crowd waving white pom poms. See, “Artie’s Army” showed up in all their glory to support this beloved man. Artie thought, just go with it, be in the moment. There were 21 fans sporting Army-green T-shirts cheering from the stands. It just does not get any better than this.

So, remember that “Old’s Cool” when it’s a bit difficult getting outta bed hearing creaks and cracking sounds because when you finally do grow up, you’ll be just like Artie having the time of your life.