Pizza night

Pizza night

Larry Sundin, Pastor, Rock Springs Church

Arrivals. I love arrivals. Arrivals mean coming home, seeing old friends, hugs and laughter and sometimes even a few tears. Arrivals mean catching up, eating some great food and just celebrating life together…celebrating with those you love!

The arrival of October means at least three things here at the Ranch. First, cooler temperatures are on the way. Second, the golf course will reopen soon and third, many of our friends are coming home! And since we at Rock Springs Church are all about people and celebrating the life we have with Jesus, we can’t wait to see you and experience what God is going to do through us as He brings us together once again.

Arrivals also mean things start happening here at Rock Springs. In fact, there’s some great stuff on the horizon. First, one of our couples, Steve and Beth Durfee, will be starting a new ministry to anyone who has suffered the loss of a friend or family member. That ministry is called GriefShare. You can check out their article in this issue of the Robson Views. Secondly, we will be encouraging people to continue to do life together in some fun and strategic ways. We will be hosting a barbecue and outdoor movie night and another poolside baptism celebration. Thirdly, we are looking to begin connecting our people with one another in our neighborhood groups. In these groups we will discover how God would have us put into practice the ways of Jesus so that we might truly become a blessing to our friends and neighbors here at Robson. Finally, we will continue celebrating the good news of Jesus Christ on Sunday mornings through worship, prayer and our journey through the New Testament letter of Ephesians. We will continue meeting in the Cheyenne and Laredo rooms until they can no longer hold us; then we will move back into the Hermosa Ballroom!

We really believe God is at work here at Robson to create a community of people who are committed to celebrating and embracing life in the ways of Jesus. So if you’re looking for some people who are learning to live and love like Jesus; if you’re looking for an environment where you can make friends you can count on; and if you’re looking for a community that is serious about putting shoe leather to the truth of God’s Word then we invite you to join us on your journey of faith as we continue to help people become friends, family and followers of Jesus. Hope to see you on Sunday. And if you’d like to know more about our worship, our practices or our activities, please check out our web page: