Are You Ready for Christmas?

Pastor Larry Sundin

Are you ready for Christmas? Have you decked the halls, hung the mistletoe, lit the Yule log? Have you sent all your cards, bought all your presents, prepared all your goodies? Are you ready to attend all the Christmas parties, dine on all the delicacies, and sacrifice your waistline for all the good times? Now, my guess is if you’re honest, you are far from being all prepared for Christmas. In fact, if you could have it your way, you’d like this season to be a little less hectic and a lot more meaningful.

That’s why we at Rock Springs are looking to do a few things that might help your Christmas be just a little more meaningful. First, we want to do one thing to be a blessing. So, this Christmas we will be collecting as many coats, sweatshirts, and blankets as we can, to give a tangible gift of God’s love to the street people of Ocean Beach, Calif. Our hope is to take these gifts to Regeneration Church, so that their team can share these gifts with the broken and homeless of Ocean Beach and provide them with some warmth during the cool winter months. (If you are interested in helping with this cause, we will be taking coat and blanket donations as we gather to worship each Sunday in December).

Another way we’re looking to add meaning to our Christmas this year is to take a few minutes to celebrate Advent each Sunday. Advent allows us to slow down and prepare our hearts for the arrival of Jesus. Taking a few moments to reflect on God’s grace to us at Christmas reminds us that true joy, real peace, certain hope, and unconditional love—all the things our hearts long for—are all found in Jesus. I don’t know about you, but I think we could all use a little more peace, hope, and love these days.

And this all leads up to the big day, Christmas Eve, where we get to gather together, sing classics like “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night,” and give praise to the God who loved us so much that He gave His only child to become one of us, so that He might die for all of us, and give us the greatest gift of all—eternal life with Him! So, if you’re here at the Ranch on Christmas Eve and are looking to find a little more meaning this Christmas or would just like to slow down and treasure the gift of Jesus, then we invite you to join us Friday, Dec. 24, from 4 to 5 p.m., in the Ballroom as Rock Springs Church celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. We’d love it if you joined us. And we wish you not just a Merry Christmas but a very meaningful Christmas this year!