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Another Great Golf Haul

Russ Stocek

Each year for the past eleven years I think there can’t possibly be much golf equipment left to be donated by our Robson Ranch homeowners, but I continue to be amazed by the amount of equipment that is gathered.

This year’s collection included 7,050 golf balls; 59 golf bags as well as two hard cases (I still kept mine but not sure why) and a travel bag; 468 irons; 197 woods; and 48 putters. Along with that were 57 pairs of golf shoes, some of which looked new. We had lots of hats and visors, towels, headcovers, golf gloves (some new in boxes), and bags of golf clothes. We even had 10 umbrellas—I guess people do not think it rains here. Plus, there were bags of golf tees and ball markers.

Thanks to all who donated to this great event to support the Junior Golf Association of Arizona. It is appreciated by them and will be put to good use encouraging young golfers. I was told this year that we are the largest single donor to Junior Golf each year. Doesn’t it feel good to give to an organization that will better the game for future generations!?