Alzheimer’s needs our attention

Have you noticed how many articles are written regularly on Alzheimer’s? In the Jan/Feb issue of the AARP Bulletin, the cover shows pictures of many famous people who have died with Alzheimer’s. The article, The Faces of Alzheimer’s, “Cases are Soaring but Funding Lags,” is so informative for us who have a very good chance of being affected personally by this dreaded disease that people don’t want to talk about.

The most expensive disease in America is devouring federal and state health care budgets and depleting the life savings of millions of victims and their families. Recent studies show that the cost of caring for Americans with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias has surpassed the cost of treatment for cancer patients or victims of heart disease. We must get the urgency of research to our Congressmen and women. You can do so by stopping at either the Sports Club desk or the clubhouse desk and pick up a card called A Voice Against Alzheimer’s; fill it out and leave it at either desk. The cards will be picked up and delivered to the Alzheimer’s Association in Phoenix. They will hand deliver them to our Congressmen and women. Imagine the impact! Do your part and let’s make a difference.

Alzheimer’s is one of the last priorities when it comes to federal funding for research on prevention and treatment. There is too much info in this great article for me to put it in this newsletter. Do yourself and those you care about a favor; read, Where’s the War on Alzheimer’s in the Jan/Feb issue of the AARP Bulletin (page 15). As research funding lags, cases are increasing—with staggering costs. The movie Still Alice is currently in theaters and should raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.

November 21 is the date set for the fifth annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s here at Robson Ranch. Mark it on your calendar and start talking to friends and family about pledging, and we can make a difference!