ALC revisited

HOA Office

Are you planning on making changes to your home or property in the near future? Most items require prior approval from the ALC (Architecture & Landscape Committee). The following information will be useful if you are considering making any changes or have not submitted an ALC request in a long time.

The ALC Guidelines are available on the Robson Ranch HOA website (reference “Documents”) and should be consulted prior to making any alterations. The next step in the process is to complete an ALC Permit Application along with all backup documentation. The ALC forms are available at the HOA office.

The ALC meets to review submitted applications on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in one of the meeting rooms at the Ranch House. In order to be considered at a meeting all permits and backup documents must be received at the HOA office no later than noon on the Friday prior. No exceptions can be made to this. Late applications will be held for processing at the next available meeting (in two weeks). Homeowners are responsible to let their respective service providers (i.e. landscapers, service installers, etc.) know of the permit submittal deadline. Homeowners are also responsible to ensure all ALC guidelines are being met with each submittal. The HOA cannot hold service providers responsible for knowing these. A one-time $25 permit fee is required on all initial landscape installation permits.

Service providers may not begin work early or deposit materials to a property until formal written approval of an ALC permit has been received by the homeowner. Letters are sent out within a few days of each meeting. Homeowners who allow work to begin prematurely are subject to a fine.

Homeowners and their service providers are welcome to attend an ALC meeting when they have an application submitted for approval. However, please note that clearly on the ALC form so we can put you on the agenda. Again, forms must be turned in no later than noon on the Friday prior to an ALC meeting in order to be considered at that meeting.