A Tale of Two Afghans

Mary Elyn’s afghan

Jayne’s afghan

Diana Oleson

Jayne McKelvey, a renter from Bryan, Ohio, shares her afghan story:

“It’s our first time being snowbirds, and we rented a house in Robson Ranch. I thought I’d crochet an afghan to keep myself busy at night. The home we were renting didn’t seem to have a throw for the couch, so I decided to make an afghan that suited the rental home. They have a turquoise teapot in the kitchen, so I knew I wanted turquoise as one color. I added the coral because it added a little more Southwest color to the afghan.

“I am leaving the afghan for the homeowners, but I have told them that I know everyone has different tastes, so if it’s not their taste, please donate it to the Heart of Eloy.

“I joined the Needle Crafters Club shortly after arriving at Robson Ranch. The group is small, but very helpful and friendly! Some do counted cross stitching, some knit, and I crochet. I taught two others how to make this afghan—it’s a perfect beginner’s project!

If you enjoy any type of needle crafting or you want to learn, this is a great group to join. It’s a great way to make friends!”

Thank you, Jayne, for sharing your story and your expertise!

Jayne helped Mary Elyn to start an afghan like hers. Mary Elyn’s afghan in earth tones of cream, brown, and pumpkin turned out lovely.

The Needle Crafters meet on Thursdays, 9 a.m. to noon, at Studio VI at the Creative Arts Center. Join us!