A Reminder of Who We Really Are



Linda Lyon

Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues recently participated in Arizona Gives Day and thankfully, many generous donors once again stepped forward to support the cause. We cannot relent however, in our effort to champion the dogs and cats of the Pinal shelter and their supporting rescues. Their needs are unrelenting!

Margret was in foster care waiting for her forever home when she suffered a rectal prolapse and had to be rushed to an emergency vet. We were able to help her get the medical care she needed because of your support.

Maple is just one of the animals we’ve helped recently. This little kitten was brought to Oracle Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (OARR) with injuries indicative of having been thrown from a car. She needed an amputation and had pelvic fractures. OARR asked us to help fund her acute medical care and because of your generous support, we were able to help her get back on her three paws and she is doing just fine.

Roadie was found hit by a car on I-10. With both hind legs and his pelvis broken in multiple places, he was unable to stand and walk but had sensation in his hind legs. Rockstar Rescue initially thought he would need both hind legs amputated, but thanks to your donations and his talented vets, he was able to keep his right one. He is now recovering and learning how to live a new life.

Thank goodness cases like these don’t happen every day. But almost every single day, we help with funding for efforts like spay and neuter clinics, heartworm and Valley Fever treatment, and the purchasing of surgery equipment and materials to make platform beds for the dogs.

The needs are constant, so our efforts must be as well. You can help immensely by becoming a recurring donor. No amount is too small, and recurring donations help by providing predictability in our funding stream. Our vision is, “A humane and compassionate future for every dog and cat in Pinal County.” If you share that vision, you can make a gift in your will that will help Friends of Pinal work toward that lofty, but incredibly meaningful goal.

As Dr. Nick Trout, a staff surgeon at the prestigious Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston and bestselling author writes, “Perhaps the greatest gift an animal has to offer is a permanent reminder of who we really are.” We are what we do, especially when we do for those who cannot do for themselves. Pinal County continues to be one of the fastest growing in the nation and unfortunately, the need to care for homeless dogs and cats is growing with it.

Please give a monthly donation today via PayPal at FriendsofPinal.org/Donate or facebook.com/FriendsofPinal and click on the “Donate” button. You can give one-time gifts with a credit card on our website, or send us a check at P.O. Box 11145, Casa Grande, AZ, 85130-0147. For more info about legacy gifting, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you!