A Place at the Table

Jaine Toth

Robson Ranch resident Jaine Toth was so moved by another Robson homeowner’s deep concern about all she hears and reads in the media, and her lament, “There’s so much hate,” that she’s gotten together with two ladies from Eloy, Armida Culp and Ladjamaya Green, to provide a venue where the local populace can gather together and engage in elevated discourse on topics that often tend to divide us. What, you may ask, is elevated discourse? Someone posed that very question on Yahoo, and a fellow identifying himself as David N. provided his own definition, “It means to turn a loud argument into an adult conversation.” He gave the following example, “The diplomat elevated the discourse from name calling to meaningful problem solving.”

That is exactly what we hope will happen. People with different opinions and points of view explaining what and why they believe something to be true and courteously listening to others do the same. No loud arguments, just a sincere sharing of ideas that help us to understand and appreciate each other. We may agree to disagree, or we may come to a meeting of the minds. The important thing is to respect rather than resent one another.

Areas that pose possible points of departure are our views on race, religion, culture, gender and ethnicity, as well as various social mores. The series, A Place at the Table, will feature short documentary films that bring awareness on a wide variety of these topics. We’ll meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Eloy Santa Cruz Public Library, 1000 N. Main Street. There is no charge nor will we seek donations. Please come and join us and bring a friend.

We’ll meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Eloy Santa Cruz Public Library

1000 N. Main Street