A fun time was had by all at the Christmas Golf Parade

Angela Meade

Wow! What a fantastic, fun-filled Christmas Golf Cart Parade. The parade included over 40 golf carts and five bicycles. The parade participants used their wonderful imaginations to decorate their golf carts. We had Christmas trees on the top of golf carts, another one was decorated like a gingerbread house and yet another one was decorated like a Christmas present. The bicycles were all decorated as well and we lit up the streets like stars in the sky.

The festivities began with delicious desserts and beverages provided by Ben and his staff at the Grill. A big thank you to all the residents that provided refreshment stops. Your hospitality and kindness were beyond words. Also, we would like to thank all the residents that came to view the parade; it was great spreading holiday cheer throughout the community.

A fun time was had by all and the holiday spirit is well celebrated here at Robson Ranch!