3rd annual Hold-em Tournament

Left to right: Doug Kant, runner-up from last year’s tournament, and Ken McManus, Tournament Director

Left to right: Doug Kant, runner-up from last year’s tournament, and Ken McManus, Tournament Director

Dave Lawell

It’s time for your New Year’s resolutions. We have a good one for you. Have more fun; play more poker. Besides offering lots of fun, it can be satisfying knowing you can play with the best that RRAZ has to offer, and your chance is just a couple of weeks away.

If you haven’t done so yet, registration for the annual Robson Ranch Hold-em Poker Tournament is awaiting your response. So follow another of those New Year’s resolutions and stop procrastinating and get registered now! Time is passing by for your chance at Robson Ranch history.

One of the almost history makers was last year’s runner-up Doug Kant. Doug’s attempt just fell a little short by finishing a close second to champ Dick Gonyea. Hopefully this year’s cards will favor Doug just a little bit more and he will attain top poker player from this year’s tournament.

Poker, they say, is a game of skill; the famous Kenny Rogers’ line in the song The Gambler comes to mind, “You got to know when to hold-em and know when to fold-em.” Others think that there could be some luck involved. Phil Hellmuth, a famous professional player, sums it up like this, “Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck.” So the tournament will allow players to display their card playing skill and with some luck make it to the final table with the hope of winning the big prize.

In order to win the big prize you need to get your entry in. So make that New Year’s resolution to get your entry turned in early so you won’t miss out on the fun. The date is Saturday, January 17. Check-in will be at 11:30 a.m. and the cards fly at high noon. To get your seat at the table contact David Wong at 520-280-1074 or email at [email protected] or Gary Heinrich at 320-282-7102 or email at [email protected].

Another pro poker player gives us some insight into the game that relates to the annual Arizona Hold-em “All In” poker tournament. “The important thing is to get fun out of poker, and the best fun is the fun of winning.” Chris Ferguson