3rd annual Arizona Hold-em “All In” Poker Tournament

Left to right: 2013 Champ Richard (Dick) Gonyea and tournament director Ken McManus.

Left to right: 2013 Champ Richard (Dick) Gonyea and tournament director Ken McManus.

Dave Lawell

Can you beat this man in a friendly game of hold-em poker? Well, your chance to prove you are up to the task is just over the horizon. The poker player to beat is Richard (Dick) Gonyea. Your chance is coming soon to a sports club near you! As a matter of fact the third annual Arizona Hold-em Poker Tournament will be held at the Robson Ranch Sports Club. The date for this tournament will be Saturday, January 17, 2015. Start time for the third annual tournament will be High Noon (12:00 p.m.) with check-in at 11:30 a.m.

Dick has been developing a legacy as a darn good poker player around these parts. As mentioned above he was the last man standing at the second annual tournament in November 2013. At the first year’s tournament in 2012 Dick finished tied with Richard Shine for second place after deciding to “chop” the remaining positions after Don Wilson built an insurmountable lead to win the tournament.

So the call is out for all you grinders, maniacs, rocks, nits, donkeys and limpers; come and see if you can claim first place and knock the champion off his pedestal. As before, the “champ” will have a “bounty” on his head. The person able to send last year’s champion to the rail will win a special prize.

For more information on the tournament contact the following: David Wong at 520-280-1074, email: [email protected]; Gary Heinrich at 320-282-7102, email: [email protected].

Save the date and be there for a fun afternoon of poker. Rounders  not invited.