100+ People Who Care coming to Robson Ranch April 8

Ron Hunt

The 100+ Campaign is a simple concept with large results. The math is 100+ people x $100 = $10,000+ for a local charity in one hour, four-times per year (quarterly).

Do you want to be a part of this as a founding member? Our 100+ People Who Care will be people from all over the greater Casa Grande area. So, invite any or all of your friends to join you.

100+ People Who Care is for you if:

* Your time is limited but you have a heart for giving and want to give back on a bigger scale than you could do on your own.

* You are willing to commit to one hour every three months.

* You want to learn about, or let other people know about, the amazing work being done by our local non-profits in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

* You want to be part of a caring and amazing group of men and women that are making an immediate and positive impact in our community.

* You want 100% of your donation to go directly to a local charity.

Other great 100+ People/Women/Men/Children Who Care (WWC) chapters around the U.S. and Canada have created local philanthropic groups of people who are capable of doing great things in our communities. There are currently over 600 active WWC chapters and over 200 developing chapters in the U.S. and Canada.

The concept is simple. We are an informal group of men and women who love to give. The greater Casa Grande area 100+ People Who Care and its events are run by an Executive Committee of big-hearted volunteers. The goal of the group is to support the wonderful work that our local and global charities do.

This quarter’s recipient is Seeds of Hope who serves the homeless in the greater Casa Grande area with many services for people living on the margins in our area. From lunches five-days a week to a job training program and much in between, their staff and volunteers make significant differences in people’s lives.

Our first luncheon meeting is on April 8 at Robson’s Ranch House in the Hermosa Ballroom. The director of Seeds of Hope, Mark Vanderheyden will be with us there. The luncheon will be $20 per person and please remember to have your $100 check made out to Seeds of Hope.

If you want to reserve your place, please call or text Ron Hunt at 218-330-5306 or email him at [email protected]. Please indicate if you are an individual or a couple who will attend. Thank you all and together, let’s make a significant difference in the lives of others in the Casa Grande area.