Wild water sports and rugged rivers

Bottling the Colorado River. Mountain of red sandstone and thin water ripples

Bottling the Colorado River. Mountain of red sandstone and thin water ripples

Courtesy of VisitArizona.com

Don’t forget your swimsuit when you visit western Arizona where the cool, blue Colorado River and the placid waters of many lakes and reservoirs combine to create the perfect climate for fun in the sun.

As you trace the mighty Colorado’s path from the Hoover Dam to Mexico, you’ll fall in love with vibrant communities filled with fascinating museums and attractions, natural wonders and wildlife habitats—and, of course, countless places to enjoy boating, swimming and water sports of all types. Learn more about visiting the top destinations in Arizona’s West Coast below:

Most Popular Destinations


Home to a classic downtown, Kingman, Arizona, is a true western gem. Known for its silver and gold mines, which gave the town its start back in the late 1800s and located along famed Route 66, Kingman is the perfect stop for history buffs. It’s also home to outdoor recreation galore, including golf, hiking and biking.

Lake Havasu

Spring break is just the start in this thriving city of water sports, river tours and laid-back entertainment. From the London Bridge—yes, the London Bridge—to houseboat rentals, Lake Havasu offers fun for the whole family on and off the water.


Get a glimpse into the Wild West in Oatman, a quaint gold-mining town on old Route 66. Here “wild” burros, which are actually quite friendly and happy to greet tourists, trot around town looking for carrots and other treats, while turn-of-the-century hotels and shops with a distinctively Western flair line the streets.


Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation, Parker, Arizona, is at the heart of the Parker Strip, a 16-mile stretch of Colorado River that offers some of the most exciting water sports in the world. You’ll also find golf, dining, casinos and more, all in the Parker area.


Located in southwestern Arizona, Yuma is situated near the convergence of the Colorado and Gila rivers, making it a lush, fertile respite from the surrounding Sonoran Desert. Visit the historic Yuma Territorial State Prison State Park or head out for a round of golf.