Veni, Vidi, Vici! Chefs’ Gala at Robson Ranch

Patti Weston, Robson Ranch Arizona Activities Coordinator

Veni, Vidi, Vici is a Latin phrase meaning “I came, I saw, I conquered!” … and Robson Ranch Arizona’s own Chef Marco Morando conquered “Best Menu” at the annual Chefs’ Gala.

Robson Ranch Arizona hosted the annual Chefs’ Gala on Jan. 20, and we’re happy to report that the entire event was a big success! The chosen theme for the evening was “A Night in Ancient Rome.”

The Ranch House was transformed into an ancient Roman palace adorned with columns, statues, and chariots. What made it even more believable was that most of the participants dressed as Legionary warriors and Roman goddesses, which allowed those who attended to feel that they were transported back in time!

For those who have never attended a Chefs’ Gala, it is an opportunity for five Robson communities to compete for bragging rights! Chefs from each community are to prepare menus in keeping with the chosen theme. Banquet teams from each community are also given a dedicated space to decorate in keeping with the theme.

Participants started arriving at the Ranch House the morning of the event at around 9 a.m. and thus began the hustle and bustle! Many would never believe that in an eight-hour period, these amazing people could pull off such a huge task—but they did—and it was truly amazing!

Homeowners from each community were invited to vote on who they felt was deserving of the prestigious honor. Although every community did an absolutely phenomenal job, Chef Marco “Maximus” Morando of Robson Ranch Arizona was victorious for his incredibly scrumptious menu! Epifania “Epi” Torres, director of banquets and events at Quail Creek, took top honor for her luxurious décor.

If you missed this Gala, you will definitely want to consider attending next year’s Gala (location to be determined). The “Decades” theme should be super fun!