The Book of Revelation

Pastor Frank DeFusco

Pastor Frank DeFusco

October 2019 is when I started my first Bible study at Robson Ranch. And the first Book that I taught from was Genesis. Why? Because it records the foundation of our Christian faith. After teaching Genesis, (Beginnings), I taught Revelation, the last of the Bible’s 66 books. The Greek word for Revelation is “apokalypsis,” and its meaning is “unveiling of something hidden.” The first verse alone describes it as the revelation/unveiling of the return of Jesus Christ. That it was sent and “signified” to His servants by His angel and given to the Apostle John.

The word “signified” in the Greek, “esemanen,” refers to the conveyance of truth by means of signs and symbols, and refers to the visions described throughout the book. And we are, as stated by Jesus in John 5:39, to “Search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are which testify of me.” This book is a testament of Christ’s “Second Coming” and the end of days.

It may surprise you to find that there are many Christians who have not been taught from this book, nor have attempted to study it on their own. Yes, it is difficult, and at times horrific images are portrayed in it. But it is also important for the believer to be able to discern that the “spirit of this age” is hard at work deceiving many. So, we must not allow ourselves to be likewise deceived through a lack of Biblical knowledge. The formula for understanding Revelation starts in chapter 1:19, where Jesus tells John to write the things he has seen, the past; and the things which are, the present; and the things that will be hereafter, the future. This statement alone informs one that this is a past, present, and future history; not just a moral lesson or analogy. I have included a timeline you can follow, starting with the resurrected Jesus and His ascension 40 days later, which started the “church age” (Rev. 1-3); then the Rapture (Rev.4-5); 7 Year Tribulation (Rev. 6-18); 2nd Coming (Rev. 19); Millennium (Rev. 20); New Heaven and Earth (Rev. 21-22). Next month, we’ll begin with the 7 Churches. Be Blessed.

Pastor Frank teaches Bible Study on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. in the Fireside Room at the Ranch House. Any questions, please call/text Ellen at 610-428-7244.