News from the Ceramics and Pottery Club


I hope you all had a very good holiday season!

The Ceramics and Pottery studio is delighted with all our new space!

We are offering many classes throughout the year as well as an orientation class so you can get started testing your creativity. In the pottery studio, there is a bulletin board with classes and the dates they will be given. The studio is open daily with a schedule visible from the window by our front door.

Some of the classes:

Orientation by Mary Ann Bechtal – Dates to be announced.

Caring for your clay by Elaine Spencer – This class is intended for those who completed orientation. It will deal with the qualities of clay, the different clays and how to care for them.

Beginning Wheel by Elaine Spencer – If you have wanted to try throwing on a wheel, this class is where to get started. It will focus on centering, opening and pulling up the clay. A second session covers finishing the bottom of the piece. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board. Date will be announced.

Dipping Glazes by Dee Lee – Class will be in February. You will be informed as to the exact date.

There will always be a monitor on duty to answer any questions you may have.

See you in the Ceramics/Pottery Studio!