Lady Lynx news and events

Karen Furu

As Mother Nature was leashing her fury via rain and snow over most of the nation in December, there was a week in December she didn’t forget Arizona. Every year Lady Lynx celebrates in December with a Holiday Scramble and Gift Exchange. This season it was scheduled for December 22, 2016. Many of our members were on weather watch. We kept checking our weather apps diligently for the weather for December 22. If it didn’t look promising our reaction was that the weather changes every five minutes in Arizona. It will be okay. If the weather looked great for that day our thoughts were: “Yes!” On December 21 it rained throughout the night. The morning of the 22nd it sometimes looked better. A call into the Pro Shop was encouraging that it would be okay to play. Minutes after I sent out the email about the call to the Pro Shop it started pouring. What do we do now? Well, the Lady Lynx did what every self-respecting golfer and retired person would do – we had the party anyway!

Emails and telephone calls went out to everyone who had signed up for the Holiday Scramble. We met at the house of Carol Hardy. Carol and Connie Drew are the coordinators of our Scrambles. The Golf Scramble has been postponed and members will receive an email about the next date. As always the gift exchange was fun. Carol is a beautiful decorator. Every room and the outside were decorated for the holidays. If you ever need decorating ideas I would call Carol. Carol and Connie had a delicious meal of lasagna, salad and bread for us. Not to forget our sweet tooth Connie had brought several different kinds of cookies and made a dessert. For the gift exchange Connie had a clever poem where each time she said certain words you would pass your gift to the right or left or keep it. By the end of the poem we were laughing hard and totally confused. Each year I am amazed at what clever shoppers we can be. There is a $10 limit on each gift. Every member is pleased with the gift she has received.

Our next scramble will be in the spring. Information will be sent out later. If you are interested in golfing, no matter what kind of golfer you are please join us. Through April we golf on Thursday afternoon. From May through August tee times change because of the hot weather. Usually tee time is 1:30 p.m. with members arriving by 1:00 p.m.. After golfing many of us get together at the Grill for a cold drink and just to visit. I love this group of women. To me they represent the game of golf really well. They are smart, love the game and enjoy themselves. The agenda is to try to improve your golf game and enjoy it as you are playing. Even though I’m not the best golfer and even worse when I let my nerves overtake me, I do enjoy playing with Lady Lynx. If you need any information please contact Shelby Davis, Mary Lizotte or Karen Furu. Please come join us.