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Home Again—Finally!

Intermediate class getting steps from instructor, CJ, in the aerobics room.

Intermediate class getting steps from instructor, CJ, in the aerobics room.

Linda Gayer

With COVID-19 numbers shrinking, the Arizona governor lifted some of the imposed COVID restrictions, and the Sports Club opening meant that the Line Dancing Club could return to the aerobics room for all classes.

Since quarantine began in March 2020, the line dancer instructors took the classes to the streets of Robson, offering classes in the early evenings due to the high temperatures last summer. Eventually, the Hermosa Ballroom allowed for the classes to be held on the dance floor until the mask mandate went back into effect. When that happened, we moved to the parking lot outside the restaurant. Finally, in April 2021, we were able to go back home to the Sports Club aerobics room!

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are when the Intermediate and Improver classes meet; you need instructor permission to join those classes if you are a new member to the club. Otherwise, Wednesday and Friday afternoons are when the beginner and absolute beginner classes are held. If you have had experience line dancing, you’ll probably move up to other levels quickly.

Want to join line dancing? Good news! A new absolute beginner class will be forming on May 1. Email Kathy Devlin at to join that class, inquire about the other classes, or have a question answered. The Line Dancing Club dues not only include dance parties but also classes that are free.