GriefShare – Support Group news

Steve and Beth Durfee

GriefShare is a special weekly seminar and support group designed to help you rebuild your life by offering help and encouragement after the death of a loved one. We know it hurts, and we want to help.

About GriefShare

Losing a close loved one can be one of the most devastating experiences in life. We are thrown into a state of confusion that can last a very long time. Am I normal? Is it OK to feel the way I do? When will this pain go away or will I always feel this way? What do I do next? What if I feel like I just can’t do anything? How do I respond to other people? Do I really need to “get over it?” What if I just want to be alone? What if I start crying inappropriately? What will the new normal be like?

GriefShare support can help with these questions. It provides a prayerful, Christian support environment where it is safe to talk freely or just to listen to others who are also making this journey from mourning to joy. It includes prayer, discussion, a video presentation and fellowship. The video presentations include discussions by many Christian experts on grief, all of whom have experienced terrible losses themselves. Active participation in the discussion is encouraged but not required; the focus is on comfort, support and healing.

Group Leadership

Each weekly session will be led by Steve and Beth Durfee. They have suffered the loss of two children in recent years and have been through the GriefShare support program multiple times. They have found it very helpful and now feel a calling to share the ministry with others.

Who is invited?

GriefShare is open to anyone who is recovering from the loss of a loved one regardless of church affiliation. The only cost of the course is a one-time purchase of a GriefShare workbook ($20). The workbook is an essential part of the program that guides the discussion during the support meeting, provides guidance and reflection throughout the week and reinforces and extends the content of the weekly meetings.

Loss can happen at any time. Although GriefShare is a 13-week program, it is designed so that a person can enter the sequence at any time, attend as many sessions as they want and leave whenever they want.

Weekly session topics:

Is this normal?

Challenges of grief

The journey of grief (two weeks)

Grief and your relationships


Guilt and anger

Complicating factors


Lessons of grief (two weeks)


What do I live for now?

Starting Monday, October 19, until the end of the 13-week program

Time 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Laredo Room of the Ranch House

A sequence will be repeated if there is sufficient interest.

A more thorough description of the program and topics may be found at This GriefShare program is being offered in cooperation with Rock Springs Church at Robson Ranch, Beth and Steve can be contacted at 801-556-7420 for Beth or 385-252-9074 for Steve or by email at  [email protected].