A great church needs a great team

Become a member of the Rock Springs Church “Launch Team.”

Become a member of the Rock Springs Church “Launch Team.”

Larry Sundin

As we get ready to launch public services for Rock Springs Church, it’s essential that we build a great team to help us start this church. We are calling this group of people “Rock Springs Launch Team.” So now, following our Rock Springs informational meetings in October and November, our next step is to recruit and develop the people who will make up our “Launch Team.”

What is a Launch Team? A simple definition is this: a launch team is a group of people who are committed to invest themselves to help start the church. A launch team is made up of individuals who are willing to pray, give and do their part to form a church family who will be ready to love and serve our community once public services begin February 8, 2015. A launch team is ordinary people who will serve as greeters, musicians, singers, ushers and helpers. We need people who want to use the talents and gifts God has given them to run a sound board, play guitar, host small groups and warmly welcome those who come to worship with us. And we need people who simply want to be part of what God is doing here at Robson Ranch; people who just have that “whatever it takes” mentality to help us become a gracious and including community of love.

You see, one of the things Becky and I have discovered in our first few months at the Ranch is that we are becoming part of a uniquely gifted and diverse community. We are loving making friends and getting to know so many of you. And we are praying that many of you will willingly give of yourselves, your time and your giftedness to help Rock Springs Church become a uniquely gracious and loving Church. After all, the church is people, not a building. And if the people who are already stepping up to join us is any indication of the Church He is building here, Rocks Springs is well on its way to becoming a blessing for our community.

So if you would like to serve as part of the Launch Team or simply get in on the encouragement and training we are providing right now, we will be hosting Launch Team trainings this month and next in the new Cheyenne and Loredo Rooms in preparation for our February 8 Launch. We will be meeting December 7, 14, 21 and January 11, 18 and 25 from 9:00 to 10:20 a.m. Anyone who wants to join the Launch Team can join us anytime. The earlier the better! Come be part of something great! And check out our new website at www.rockspringsrr.org or give me, Larry Sundin, a call at 520-709-1005.