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General Information

All information listed in the General Information section of the Robson Ranch Source Book is in alphabetical order. Please consult the Table of Contents of the Robson Ranch Source Book for a consolidated listing of topics. The Valley and State Resource Guide is in alphabetical order and lists many activities and areas of interest outside of the Robson Ranch community.
PLEASE NOTE: All phone numbers listed without an area code are local
(520) numbers.

Activities | Age Restriction | Bulletin Boards & Info Kiosks | Cable TV |Church Directory | Committee for Architectural Control & Landscaping |Dress Code | Electric Service | Emergency Telephone Locations | Entry Gates | RR Fitness Center Policies | Fire Department | Gas Service | Golf Cart Usage on Streets | Golf Info | Health & Support Groups | Library |Newspaper | Pets | Other Pet Services | Phone Directory/Source Book | Post Office | Restaurants & Catering | Service Organizations | Softball Fields |Swimming Pool Policies | Telephone Service | Tennis Court Policies | Trash Collection | Vacation Watch | Voter Registration | Water/Sewer | Websites

Activities & Clubs Of Robson Ranch
There are many enjoyable & exciting activities, clubs & organizations available to Robson Ranch Homeowners. Please see the Activity Guide section for a brief description by category. For more information about the activities and events in your area please contact the Activities Coordinator Sharon Stahl at 520-426-3360.

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Age Restriction
The Federal Fair Housing Law requires that the associations know the ages of all owners/persons living in their units on a permanent basis. A minimum of 80% of the homes must have one person 55 years of age or older.

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Bulletin Boards & Information Kiosks
A good source for the latest information on activities around Robson Ranch is the various bulletin boards and information roundabouts located throughout the community.

Robson Ranch Pro Shop: bulleting boards are located in the glass case just outside the entrance to the pro shop. Please submit notices to be posted on the bulletin board to the Robson Ranch HOA Office. Notices should be on 8 1/2 x 11 (letter) paper and can include social events, community activities and official notices. (Profit business notices and classified notices are not allowed).

Robson Ranch Sports Club and Robson Ranch Grill: Roundabouts are located at the entry of the Grill and Sports Club. These are for social events, community activities and notices. It is up to the discretion of staff to determine the contents; priority always goes to homeowner sponsored events, space permitting, all other flyers will be rotated in and out.

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Cable Television
Western Broadband 1-800-998-8084
See channel line-up on page 7 of the Robson Ranch Source Book.

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Church Directory Of Robson Ranch
(All in Casa Grande unless noted)

First Assembly of God 836-2718
First Assembly of God (Eloy) 466-7780
Grace Assembly of God 836-6957

Calvary Southern Baptist 836-7535
Desert Sky Baptist Church 421-3377
First Baptist Church (Arizona City) 466-5458
First Baptist of Casa Grande (Southern) 836-7760
First Southern Baptist Church (Eloy) 466-7460
Grace Church 836-8409
New Hope Baptist Church (Independent) 421-9175
Trintiy Southern Baptist Church 836-2383
Victory Baptist Church 836-2903

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church 836-0601
St. Helen Catholic Church (Eloy) 466-7258
St. Michael & All Angels (Liberal) 836-8544

Christian Church of Casa Grande 836-8487
Christian Science Society 836-4733

Church of Christ 836-6282
Church of Christ (Eloy) 466-9593
Church of God in Christ
Evangelist Temple Church 836-0868

Casa Grande Arizona Stake 836-2604

Cornerstone Comm. Church of Casa Grande 836-8555
Estrella Community Church (Eloy) 466-7025
Indain Hills Community Church 421-2714
Oasis Community Church 423-0531

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 836-7693

Desert Cathedral Church 421-1002
Harvest Family Church 836-1818

Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall 836-8221

Central Lutheran Church (ELCA, Arizona City) 466-5024
Grace Lutheran Church (WI. Evangelical) 836-8911
Sonland Lutheran Church (AALC) 421-7107
Trinity Lutheran Church (MO. Synod) 836-2451

First United Methodist (Eloy) 466-3445
Toltec Evangelical Methodist (Eloy) 466-3804
United Methodist Church 836-8630

New Beginnings Church 836-7510

Azusa World Ministries (Eloy) 466-1339
Calvary Chapel 836-8487
Salvation Army 421-9026
Sanchez Catherine 426-1696

Apostolic Tabernacle (United) 836-8021
First United Pentecostal (Eloy) 466-9557
Glad Tidings (Church of God) 836-8401
Victory Chapel 421-2695

First Presbyterian Church 836-5981

Casa Grande Seventh-Day 836-4995

Chabad of the East Valley 480-855-4333
Temple Beth Sholom 480-897-3636
Temple Emanuel 480-838-1414

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Committee For Architectural Control & Landscaping
As a property owner in Robson Ranch, there are certain responsibilities you must fulfill in maintaining the exterior appearance of your property. First, every owner is expected to ensure all landscaped areas are kept neat and well maintained at all times. Second, the exterior of your home must always be kept in a good state of repair, including items such as exterior paint, garage doors, fences, walls, etc. The ALC Committee has been established to help maintain the quality of appearance in Robson Ranch. All additions, exterior painting, landscaping or decorative alteration, repairs, excavating, roof replacement or any other work which alters the exterior appearance of the home or landscaping must be approved by the ALC Committee before the work begins. For further information please call the HOA office at 426-3355.

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Dress Code For Club Facilities
Please check at each facility if you are not sure of appropriate attire.

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Electric Service
Central AZ Irrigation District (Electric) 466-7336
Central AZ Irrigation District (Emergency) 510-9311

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Emergency Telephone Locations
Tennis Courts
Indoor Pool
Outdoor Pool

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Entry Gates
Sunday through Wednesday, open at 5:30 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday through Saturday, open at 5:30 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.

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Robson Ranch Fitness Center Policies

  • The fitness center is for the use of Robson Ranch homeowners and qualified guests only.
  • All homeowners and qualified guests must complete the appropriate paperwork (waiver & release) before using any of the equipment or participating in any of the classes.
  • All homeowners and qualified guests must wear the ID wristband for purposes of identification when using the fitness center equipment or participating in any of the classes.
  • Guests of homeowners need not be accompanied by the homeowners, if the homeowners have notified the fitness center ahead of time and turned in a guest form. All guests will be given a copy of the fitness center policies. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted in the fitness center.
  • Homeowners may attend an orientation session on proper use of the equipment in the fitness center. Scheduled times and sign ups for orientation are available at the reception desk. Posted procedures for the use of all equipment must be observed.
  • All members and guest will adhere to the dress code at all times. Rubber soled shoes are required; tennis, jogging, aerobic, or basketball shoes are appropriate. Sandals and/or open-toed shoes are not allowed. T-shirts, mid-length shorts or warm-up pants are suggested. Leotards and/or tights permitted with full-coverage T-shirts or shorts over them. Short cutoffs, tennis skirts, street clothes, halter-tops, half-shirts, plastic or rubber suits are not permitted. The Sports Club staff has the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire for the Sports Club.
  • Anyone using the fitness center will be provided with a towel to wipe off the machines (including aerobic machines) after use. Disinfectant wipes are also available.
  • Water bottles that can be resealed are allowed in the fitness center. Food and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the fitness center at any time.
  • A twenty-minute limit on the aerobic machines will be imposed during peak usage times.
  • No personal fitness equipment or gym bags will be allowed in the fitness center. This includes resistance, aerobic or stretching devices.
  • Please avoid wearing perfume or any scent when using the fitness center.
  • All lockers are for daily use only. Please do not leave anything overnight.

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Fire Department
Eloy Fire District contact information;
Emergency, 466-7324 and Non-Emergency, 466-3544.

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Gas Service
Please contact Southwest Gas if you have any problems at 800-428-7324 or 520-889-1888 (Tucson). For emergency call 800-772-4277 or 520-746-1076 (Tucson).

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Golf Cart Usage On Streets
Golf carts are permitted only on Pinal County streets where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or lower. Golf carts must have an Arizona license plate when used on the county streets. For further information call the Motor Vehicle Division. Licensed drivers only may drive golf carts. NO CHILDREN PLEASE. Only two riders per golf cart. During course operation hours, only carts used by golfers are permitted on the golf course cart paths.
When using your cart for transportation around Robson Ranch please remember to:

  • Observe all traffic laws
  • Keep to the right on the streets so cars can pass
  • Use proper hand signals
  • DO NOT leave keys in the golf carts (for your own protection)
  • A limited number of rental golf carts are available at each pro shop. Please contact the pro shop for fees and other required information at 426-3333.

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Golf Information
Robson Ranch residents have access to our golf facilities. Golfers can obtain information about the course, annual fees, current green fee rates, information on how to make a tee time and guest play at the pro shop.

Detailed golf course rules are available in the pro shop in the form of a Golfer’s Handbook. The rules are established by the golf club management with recommendations from the Men’s and Ladies’ Golf Associations.

Only golfers playing are permitted on the golf course. For your safety, no jogging, walking, bicycling or skating is permitted on golf course property by members, homeowners, renters or guests at any time.

Information on golf associations may be obtained at the pro shop or the Sports section of this book.

The dress code applies to all homeowners, renters and guests of the golf course. Everyone is responsible to be knowledgeable of the dress code. The head golf professional and staff have the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire for the golf course and the practice facilities. No one will be allowed on the golf course if they do not meet the requirements of the dress code. Shoes are required at all times. Soft-spike golf shoes, sneakers or rubber soled shoes must be worn on the golf course and the practice facility. Any footwear that would damage a green is strictly prohibited.

Slacks or golf shorts and collared or crew shirts with sleeves are required. No tank tops, T-shirts, athletic shorts, swimwear, or tennis attire are permitted. No denim pants, denim shorts or cutoffs regardless of color are permitted.

Golf shorts, skirts, skorts, or slacks with golf shirts, blouses, or sweaters required. No tank-tops, halter tops, athletic shorts, swimwear, or tennis attire are permitted. No denim pants, denim shorts, or cutoffs regardless of color are permitted.

Pro shop personnel, starters and rangers are the on-course ambassadors of the Head Golf Professional. They are present to insure an efficient running of the golf course operation and to assist all players with any needs and concerns.

All golf cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Occupancy in a golf cart is limited to two persons and two golf bags. It is golf course policy that no more than two carts are used per foursome. Non-golfing passengers will be charged a spectator fee. Carts are to be used by players only, not solely for transport to the practice facility.

The Robson Ranch CHELSEA tee time system is a REQUEST LOTTERY reservation system that can be accessed by Robson Ranch members and homeowners thirty (30) days in advance of play. After the draw, tee times become available on a first-come first-serve basis by calling the Chelsea system until 4 p.m. the day before play.

The following guidelines have been established for guests. Once issued a guest pass, these guidelines must be strictly complied with.

  • Guest passes must be applied for by property owners only.
  • Property owners are directly responsible for their guests.
  • The property owner is responsible for making his/her guest aware of club policies, rules and dress code. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a property owner or a guest with appropriate ID at all times when using the facilities.
  • Guests are not allowed to have guests.
  • Associate Members are not allowed to have guests.
  • Guest passes are issued for a maximum of two weeks and can be renewed for an additional two weeks over a one year period. Any guest residing longer than 28 days per year must apply for an Associate Membership.
  • When using the facilities, guests must at all times have a valid guest pass in his or her possession.

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Health And Support Groups
Against Abuse 836-1239
American Red Cross 536-0879
Big Brother Big Sister 836-7756
Casa Grande Boys and Girls Club 876-5437
Casa Grande Food Bank 836-1347
Casa Grande Regional Medical Center 426-6300
Department of Economic Security 836-2351
Dorothy Powell Senior Adult Center 421-8760
Friends of the Library 421-8710
Meals on Wheels Program 421-8765
Pinal County Health Department 836-5931
Pinal/Gila Council for Senior Citizens 836-2758
Seeds of Hope 836-6335
United Way of Pinal County 836-0736

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There is an exchange library cabinet located in the Sports Club. This is a homeowner-donated library for borrowing and returning books. This is strictly on the honor system. If you need any other information or room location please contact the Sports Club at 426-3360.

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Robson Ranch Views: The Robson Ranch Views is a free bi-monthly newspaper published by Robson Publishing and mailed to the residents of the Robson Ranch Community. Residents and staff members can generate articles and mail (9532 E. Riggs Rd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248), email ([email protected]) or bring them to the Robson Ranch Clubhouse. Subjects covered are general news, feature stories, club reports, sports and recreation activities, religious functions, calendars of current events, and entertainment.

Editorial content from clubs and organization should be limited to 400 words or less. News articles, photographs and display advertising must be submitted to Robson Publishing by the 12th of the month prior to publication. Classified Advertising needs to be submitted by the 10th of the prior month, also.
To receive the Robson Ranch Views by mail to another address, free of charge, during the summer months, extended vacations (more than one month), or if you would like to cancel delivery, please notify Robson

Publishing at 480-895-4216 or 1-800-470-0893 ext. 4216 one month prior to your departure.

If you have any further questions about the Robson Ranch Views newspaper, please call the newspaper office at, 480-895-4216 or 1-800-470-0893, ext. 4216 toll free or drop by our office at 9666 E. Riggs Rd., Suite 103 (Riggs Rd. /Dobson).

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Dogs, cats and other animals must be kept on a leash when not confined to the owner’s property. Pets are strictly prohibited in the restaurants, golf courses, sports club or any other recreation areas. Pet owners should not permit their dog, cat or other animal to create unsanitary conditions anywhere on the common properties. For your pet’s protection, have him/her licensed. You may contact Pinal County Animal Control at 866-7600 for complete information on licensing.

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Other Pet Services
Casa Grande Animal Control 426-9300
Eloy Animal Control 466-4152
Valley Humane Society 836-0904
Phone Directory/Robson Ranch

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Source Book
The Robson Ranch Source Book is the official telephone directory and community guide for the residents of Robson Ranch.
Homeowners who choose to have a listing or have any changes to the Robson Ranch Source Book must submit their information (form located in front pages of Source Book or in the Robson Ranch Views newspaper) to Robson Publishing, 9532 E. Riggs Rd., or call 895-4287 or 1-800-470-0893 ext. 4287 by October 1, 2009. The Source Book is published on a yearly basis and will be available in January or February.

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Post Office
A full service post office is located at 620 N. Main St., Eloy at 466-3451. Note: Please use the US Postal Service Information Hotline, 1-800-275-8777 for any mailing questions you may have.

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Restaurants And Catering At
Robson Ranch

Robson Ranch Grill serves lunch, and the Robson Ranch Dining Room serves dinner. Dress code for the dining room includes business casual, no bathing suits please. Wireless Internet connection available in the restaurants. If you would like to make a reservation please call the bar at 426-3331. For catering needs call us at 426-3332. We offer catering for private parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, and more.

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Service Organizations
Eloy Lions Club 510-9186
Toastmasters 705-7990

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Softball Field
Robson Ranch Softball Field is the home of Robson Ranch softball teams.

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Swimming Pool Policies

  • The swimming pools are for the use of homeowners and qualified guests with valid Robson Ranch identification.
  • There are no lifeguards on duty. Use of the pools is at each person’s own risk. Rowdiness, running, diving, or jumping in the pool is dangerous and is not permitted.
  • A maximum of six (6) guests shall be permitted for each Robson Ranch household at one time unless prior permission is granted by the general manager or GM’s designee.
  • All guests under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by at least one adult at all times. Residents accept responsibility for the actions of their guests at the pools and will be financially responsible for any damage and/or maintenance incurred.
  • The outdoor pools are open daily between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. (hours may vary at the discretion of the general manager).
  • Guests 12 years through 17 years of age are permitted to swim in the main outdoor pool between 12 noon and 3 p.m. only. They must be accompanied by an adult. Guests under the age of 10 years must use the children’s pool at all times.
  • In order to keep the pools sanitary, all persons using the pools are required to shower before entering. Waterproof sunscreens are permissible (oils or lotions clog the pool filters).
  • Glass containers, food, tobacco or alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area.
  • It is a violation to swim without proper swimming attire. Cutoffs, jeans, or street clothes are not allowed. Nude swimming is not allowed.
  • Guests under 18 years of age are not permitted to use the indoor pool or spa.
  • Bathing suits are required in the spa and steam rooms.
  • Classes will have precedence over recreational swimming.
  • Only lap swimming is permitted in the indoor swimming pool. Time limit is 45 minutes if other swimmers are waiting. Other uses may be permitted with special permission from management.

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Telephone Service
For new telephone service or billing questions, please call Western Broadband at 1-800-998-8084 or Qwest Telephone services at 1-800-244-1111.

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Tennis Court Policies
Rules & Etiquette: The rules and etiquette of tennis of the United States Tennis Association shall apply at all times, except when in conflict with any local rules. Members are responsible for familiarizing their family and guests with these rules and USTA rules, which will be available at the sports club. Courtesy and consideration should be observed at all times. Players and spectators shall not walk across or behind a court while a point is being played. Excessive noise, racquet throwing or profanity will not be permitted.

  • Only Robson Ranch homeowners and qualified guests are allowed to use the tennis facilities unless approved by the general manager or GM’s designee.
  • The tennis courts are to be used for tennis only. Skateboarding, rollerblading, basketball, and other sports or activities are not allowed.
  • Tennis hours are from sunrise to 10 p.m. The courts are lighted for night play. Turn off the lights when you are finished. Switches are located near each court.
  • Two tennis courts are open for play at this time in our construction phase. If no organized tennis events are scheduled, the tennis courts will be available for Robson Ranch homeowners and qualified guests.
  • Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times when playing on the courts. Rubber soled footwear is required. No hard heeled or black soled shoes are allowed. The following items of apparel are not acceptable on the tennis courts:
    – Men: Tank tops, swimsuits, and cutoffs.
    – Women: Tube tops, bare midriff’s, halter tops, and swimsuits.
  • When others are waiting to play, playing time is limited to one and a half (1 1/2) hours for both singles matches and doubles matches. When others are waiting for a court, please do not switch to another court to play a second time.
  • An adult must accompany guests under the age of 18.
  • Until such time as a Robson Ranch Tennis Club is formed to organize sponsored events, leagues, etc., the tennis courts are designated as open courts. They are available on a first come basis.

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Trash Collection
City of Eloy Trash Collection, 464-3423.

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Vacation Watch
Vacation Watch is a free service provided by the Robson Ranch Homeowners Association, and performed by Robson Ranch Patrol. When a homeowner is going to leave their residence for an extended period of time, Robson Ranch Patrol requests a Vacation Watch form to be completed. These can be obtained and returned to the Robson Ranch HOA Office, or completed using the HOA webpage at, www.robsonranchazhoa.org, (just click on e-forms, completed it, and submit).

Robson Ranch Patrol takes great pride in providing the homeowners with this free service 12 months of the year. It is to your advantage to use the Vacation Watch Service.

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Voter Registration
In order to vote in the state of Arizona you must be registered 29 days prior to any election. Registration forms are available online at,www.recorder.pima.gov/voter_forms.html.

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Water and sewer services at Robson Ranch are provided by Pacacho Water & Sewer at 9532 E. Riggs Rd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. For billing and service call, 480-895-1366. For after-hours or emergencies call, 480-895-5009.

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HOA Community Website www.robsonranchazhoa.org
Robson Communities Website www.robson.com

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