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Exercise your way to better health

Judi Lewinski

Exercise classes are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in the Robson Ranch Fitness Center. Choose the class that fits your style or try them both.

The 7:00 a.m. exercise classes feature aerobic movements to upbeat tunes. Have fun and meet new neighbors while you get healthier. Movements are done from a flat mat on the floor or a step for added challenge. All steps and mats are provided. This class will definitely get your heart stronger, tone and firm muscles, help keep your brain vibrant and get you feeling good about yourself!

The 8:15 a.m. exercise classes, done in a chair, involve stretching and movements that improve muscle tone, stimulate better breathing habits, improve cardiovascular health and keep the brain functioning well.

All classes are open for beginners through advanced, one just works at his or her own level to improve your health status from where you are today.

Bring your good attitude, a bottle of water and have fun, get fit and meet new friends. It’s a win-win!

Your first class is always free. Discount packages are available.

Questions? Just call Judi Lewinski at 520-421-0850.