Ask Your Agents

Dear Cheri and Tammy,

With all the delay at the airports, is there any advice you can share to make my travels more bearable?

Signed, John Staples

Dear John,

Airport lines have been at an all-time high causing travelers to boil with frustration. A recent eight to 10 percent increase in travel has led to a shortage of TSA security officers. The TSA and local airports are working to rectify the problem. Until then, here is a quick guide to help.

Enroll in the “TSA Pre” program offered at over 100 airports. You will enjoy expedited security screening and less time in lines. There is a fee to enroll and you can view all the information by visiting

Pack a snack! An hour or more wait can seem like forever when you’re hungry. Just having your favorite munchies in line can help calm the nerves.

Use the restroom before getting into a line. The last thing you want is to lose your spot!

Get off your feet! There is luggage that doubles as a seat. This is a great idea for elderly travelers or anyone with foot, knee or leg issues. Maybe you already own a hard shell carryon suitcase that could be used as a seat. You can view this type of luggage at or or other luggage stores.

Use a backpack! Backpacks make great carry-ons. They make heavy loads easier to manage and free up your hands.

Power up! Charge all your devices thoroughly prior to arrival. Then keep all your devises powered up with a battery bank. These can be purchased almost in any electronic outlet for very little cost.

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