A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock ‘N’ Roll

Paul Gayer

Boot Scootin’ Boogie and Electric Slide are dances most, if not all of us, know or have seen at weddings or dance parties. Did you know that line dancing is so much more than that? Today’s line dancing is not your mother’s line dancing!

The Line Dancing Club recently organized as a chartered club at Robson Ranch, with the purpose to promote, encourage, and teach line dancing. CJ, who is the instructor, works tirelessly finding dances that are current, fun, and appropriate for each level of dancer. What level are you? Use these guidelines:

Absolute Beginner: Someone who has no previous dance experience. To build comfort level with a strong basic foundation, dance terminology and dance floor etiquette are introduced. Dances will have no tags or restarts and a few turns.

Beginner: Someone who has some previous dance experience. Choreography introduces additional step patterns with different rhythms and tempo, and dances may contain more than one direction change.

Improver: Someone who is an experienced dancer. Choreography is likely to feature interesting step combinations, syncopations, timing variations, and styling.

Intermediate: Someone who is a more experienced dancer. Choreography at this level contains a full spectrum of step patterns in any combination, and embraces all tempos and rhythms featuring turns, tags, and restarts in the same dance.

At this time, beginner, improver, and intermediate levels are being taught; but look for information coming soon as to when the absolute beginner class will be offered! Although classes are free of charge, you must be a member of the Line Dancing Club in order to participate in these classes. Dues are $20 a year, which allows you access to all classes as well as dance parties the Club hosts in the hermosa room.

Speaking of dance parties—save the date: Friday, January 29, 2021, will be the first dance party of the new year! More information to come later.

Come join in the fun of line dancing! Contact CJ at [email protected] for any additional information or questions.