4th season ends for Robson Ranch’s Desert Cactus League

The Desert Cactus Tennis League began its fourth season in January. The focus of this league is to promote tennis in the Casa Grande area and help teams/players facilitate competitive games that are suitable for everyone’s level. This league is managed by Ann Bent and Robson resident Orly Mayron with support from Robson Ranch HOA.

This year’s teams from Sun City Anthem in Florence, Mission Royale in Casa Grande and Province in Maricopa competed in men’s doubles and mixed doubles teams; unfortunately, the communities were unable to field a women’s doubles competitive team.

The teams were well matched, and the competition was strong. Due to injuries Mission Royale found it necessary to forfeit matches a few weeks into the season; however, the remaining teams competed well. With points accumulating each week the teams remained quite close throughout the season. The winner of the Mixed Doubles division was a greatly improved team from Province in Maricopa; and the winner in the Men’s Doubles division was the team from Robson Ranch captained by AZ Azaria.

Thanks so much to Orly Mayron for all her hard work in facilitating this important, competitive league. Congratulations to the Robson team!