Robson Ranch Men’s Golf Club news

Don Williams

April was a great month for the Robson Ranch Men’s Club. We welcomed two new members, Larry Ameling and Roy Johnson. The Men’s club sent fifteen players to PebbleCreek for the annual Robson Challenge; results will be posted in next months Views. We wished the winter visitors goodbye until fall. Winners for April 9 were Burtis and Lee on the Pine tees and Eliuk and Clark on the Rust tees. For April 16 it was Williams and Jensen on the Pine tees and Engelhardt and Simmons on the Rust tees. The 23rd winners were Murphy on the Pine tees and Crawford on the Rust tees. Then on the 30th it was Fondurulia and Conrad on the Pine tees and Jensen and Holwick on the Rust tees. Just a reminder, you have to call or go in person to make a tee time until the new pro shop is open, Chelsea is not working. Also the pro shop can only accept cash until the new pro shop is open. Just a reminder, when playing in the men’s club you must write your total score on the score card and adjust your score, if necessary, when you post it, do not adjust it on the score card. Last but not least, everyone knows you must putt out all putts, no gimmes, even if you are out of that hole for score purposes you must finish the hole as this can effect your handicap.