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Fiction or Nonfiction? Host’s Choice

Members of Reading Between the Wines: Betsy, Bobbie, Bea, Sally, Debby, Barbara, Teresa, and Linda

Linda Gayer Reading Between the Wines has been a book club since 2009 here at Robson Ranch. Some members have moved, and others have joined. It’s always a great time discussing books with others who enjoy reading as well! Since COVID-19, we have had our discussions outside, where we can easily socially distance. Once a month,…

Reading Between the Wines

Members of Reading Between the Wines: Scott Kincaid, Julie Kostroski, Joanne Heiman, Debby Harris, Betsy Piatt, Mary Lynn Morin amd Claudia Horak. Missing: Debbie Olguin, Barbara Sewell and Linda Gayer

Our book club, Reading Between the Wines, meets the first Monday of every month at a member’s home. This month the group decided to do something different—hold our meeting on the patio of the Hermosa Ballroom. With appetizers, dessert and of course, wine set up under the patio, we gathered around the sitting area to…